FAQ Frequently asked questions on Site Up or Down Now Service.

What is This Site?

"Site Up or Down Now" is a free online service from WebNots Web Consulting Services to monitor the online availability of any website.

How it Works?

The script will ping the server of the entered domain and get the response. If positive responsive is received then the status will be showing as online else it will indicate the site is down.

How to Check?

Enter any site URL in the input text box. Click on the "Check" button or hit enter/return key to test whether the site is available or down.

What are the Details Shown?

You will see the following details if the site is up and available:
  • Status and server response time
  • Screenshot of the home page
  • Options to check another site and view the entered website
In addition you will also see the metadata details of the site like title and description.
If the site is down then the status will be shown as the site is not reachable and down.

What is Recently Checked Sites?

These are the list of sites which had been checked previously using this tool. There will be nine recently tested sites shown in the list along with the following details:
  • Site screenshot
  • Site URL
  • Online status and server response time if it was reachable
  • Option to view the website

Do We Store Any Details?

We only store the recently accessed site details which are also exclusively shown on the site. We do not collect any other information related to you or the site you enter. You can read the privacy statement of WebNots here.